September- questionnaire, assembly, logo competition



On 26th September Polish Comenius team prepared an assembly. The assembly’s aim was to learn some basic information about Spain and Cyprus.


We want to present you two winning logos from Poland.
 October- international logo competition, yummy flags, tasting tradition presentation, lessons about healthy products


Polish students voted for this logo:


In these pictures students are making 'yummy flags' using paper, some fruit and vegetables

 Let's look at the result:




 Lessons about healthy diet.

November- meeting in Nicosia, international cook book, meeting with a dietitian




3. Meeting with a dietitian.

On 19th and 20th November parents and students met with a dietitian, Luiza Wypustek. The dietitian talked about nutrition, a balanced diet and different ways of being healthy. She encouraged everyone to do exercises.

December- Meeting new Comenius partner, A school trip, Christmas cards, Christmas bazaar, staff questionnaire

We have received wonderful news: Greece is our official Comenius partner.
Students try to learn new information about Greece.
Some students have learnt maths and geography at the same time.
They have found out some facts about plants cultivate in Greece.

 Source: Alina Stagierska, Edukacja europejska. Spotkajmy się w Europie - scenariusze zajęć do zeszytów 1 i 2.

On 4th December class 4d and class 5c went on a school trip to Warsaw.  They spent really nice time together. They visited Copernicus Science Center where they studied a lot of interesting issues, for exapmle: the nutritional value of different products.

We are preparing Christmas cards for children in Spain, Greece and Cyprus. I hope you will like them.

We have just received cards from Greece. They are wonderful. Thank you.


In order to evaluate the first part of our Comenius project 27 teachers completed the questionnaire.
According to the majority of teachers project is beneficial for students as they can learn new information about other countries, cultures and get important knowledge concerning healthy lifestyle.
They can also promote their own countries and be proud of their city or school. The main disadvantage of the project is its time consuming part. The project requires lots of time to fulfill all activities.

January- New Year's resolutions,

Picture (Source): www.jucoolimages.com
2. Thanks to the Christmas bazaar we collected 408,50 PLN (about 100€).Students, who prepared cakes, bought some basic things: nappies, tissues, sweets, notebooks, pens, pencils and packed all of them into boxes. Then some students with a teacher went to an orphanage in Siedlce and gave all of the things to children. We are proud we could help and support our peers.
February- dictionary of Good manners, Valentine's bazaar, Comenius contests relating the future visit in Spain

1.Dictionary of Good manners
We have finished Dictionary of Good manners. In the above picture you can see girls who recorded Polish expressions.

2.Valentine's bazaar
Polish students prepared a Valentine's bazaar in order to support children in an orphange.They learn how to be helpful or maybe they teach adults how to be good because it was their idea to organise this charity event.


3.Comenius competitions
We have just finished counting points and we have the result. 

We want to present names of students who will represent our school during the meeting in Spain.

March- visit in Poland, Welcome story,

 All partners spent some time in Siedlce, Poland from 26th March till 29th March.

Welcome story
Students wrote a story with four different endings. They added some pictures in order to make the book more interesting and colourful.

 April- Happy easter

Dear friends,
We hope you will spend nice time with your family and friends. All the best,
Polish teachers and students :-)

Spring in Poland
Students prepared some presentations of spring. We hope you are spending nice time.

April- our film about meeting in Poland

The Comenius meeting in Poland- watch our film! 

June- meeting in Spain
Students and teachers had opportunity to spend some time together. We had a really nice time.
Spain was a wonderful host.

 Welcome story- Polish team's film


 September, 2014

1.Welcome back after holidays. We hope our next year of cooperation will be as great as the first one.

Students completed the questionnaire about pollution.

3. Questionnaire's results
Results written in Polish
4. Students' visit at Waste water Treatment Plant in Siedlce

5. Power Point Presentation about our visit at Waste Water Treatment Plant in Siedlce.
Hi again. We are making a new presentation for you. We hope you will like it.

5. Eco paper.
Students prepared their own recycled paper. 

Let's look at the presentation about eco paper:
The presentation was made by Mrs Tatiana Jakubiak.

 ..................and it's ready

Environment SOS posters, meeting in Greece, presentation about pollution in Poland

 1. Pupils used the recycled paper they have made to create posters about environment.


2. Let's look at  some slides of the presentation about pollution prepared by Mr Dariusz Grabarski. The presentation was made to make everyone aware of existing problems.

3.Meeting in Greece

November- lessons about renewable resources, presentation about alternative energy sources,
ideal house model

1. Lessons about renewable resources:
Class 5 with a Science teacher, Mrs Hanna Sobieszuk has gained knowledge about renewable resources.
Students did projects about different ways of using renewable resources in order to protect our environemt.

 2. Students prepared posters about alternative energy sources and about environment:

3. Ideal house model:

December- eco Christmas tree, ornamnets, cards, christmas wishes
 1. Christmas tree
The youngest students of our school made their own eco christmas tree. We hope you will like it.
The youngest pupils are 5 years old. Their teachers is Mrs Elżbieta Soszyńska.

Now we want to present you an eco Christmas tree made by children in our common room.
The common room is a place in our school where pupils can be when they wait for their lessons or their parents. Students can do a lot of great things there.

2. Eco-toys
Students took part in a competition for eco toys. They prepared about 70 amazing toys.

3.Christmas ornaments and cards, Christmas parcels
We have just sent you some parcels. Merry Christmas.

January- questionnaire, New Year's resolutions, my free time -film

1. New Year's resolutions:

2. The free time questonnaire- results

3. My free time- a short film
Mrs Justyna Dombrowska with students prepared a really nice presentation about different ways of spending free time in Poland. We hope you will like the presentation.

FEBRUARY- traditional games
1.Traditional games

Geese, geese go home.
Before the game starts one of the players is chosen as " the Mother goose".
One person is chosen as “the Evil wolf”. There are also several children who are ‘geese’.
At the beginning of the game the Mother goose says: Geese, geese. Go home.
All geese answer: We are scared.
The mother goose asks: Why are you scared?
All geese say: We are scared of the evil wolf.
The mother asks: Where is the wolf?
All geese answer: Behind the rivers, behind the mountains.
The mother says: Geese, geese go home.
All geese run. The wolf tries to catch one of the geese. 
If the wolf catches a child, this child becomes a new wolf.
Good luck!

Traditional games

We are presenting our video with instructions how to play our three traditional games. Have fun!
The you tube link for the video:



 1. Traditional games of our partners.

We are trying to play Greek and Cypriot games. They are great.  We are having a womnderful time.

Children of class 5  and Mrs Małgorzata Szewczak are playing a Cypriot game. We have to change it a bit , the children are having spoons in their hands, but still it is not easy to play it.

 Class 1 and Mrs Katarzyna Wąsowska are playing one of Cypriot games. They are having a great time!

 Class 5 and Mrs Szewczak are playing one of Cypriot games.

Children of class 1 with Mrs Anna Wisniewska are trying to play one of Greek games. Can you guess which one?

  Class 3 and Mrs Małgorzata Czarnocka are playing a Greek game.

 Mrs Iwona Doszko and students are playing one of Greek games.

  We are playing Spanish games.


We are presenting our video with our national dances

Comenius meeting in Poland



European Festival

 For us the meeting of our partners in Siedlce was a way of celebrating European Festival. 
During the assembly all of us had the chance to look at our national costumes, national dances. Moreover, a few weeks before of the day of Festival students' task was to prepare posters about different European countries in order to learn something about history and geography. 
Look at the power point presentations concerning the Festival.

SPORTS DAY at our school

JUNE- meeting in Cyprus, questionnaires, the Quality of life album

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