This is the on line questionnaire that 200 pupils answered  in September.

on line questionnaire

                                              2. Logo voting
Our studets  voted for the logo of our project. The winning logo was created by the Polish students.



                                                                      1.Greek recipes

             December: Christmas cards, Christmas bazzar, New Year's Resolutions                                               teachers questionnaire
                                               1 New Year's Resolutions
.     Each class has created posters with the pupil's New Year's Resolutions.

2.Christmas  Cards.

                                                   These are the cards we have just received from Poland.

3.Christmas Bazaar

 Parents  prepared delicious   cakes, pies and snacks, which were sold at our Christmas Bazaar. Money was given to a local charity.


                                                    4)New Year's Resolutions

The second Conference in Poland.
On  Tuesday the 25th of November to Sunday 29th , the second meeting of the  project "Quality of life'' was held in Siedlce, Poland
The delegations of Spain, Greece and Cyprus arrived in Siedlce and met with the Polish students and teachers.

We had an amazing experience. The school in Poland  was a great host.

The 3rd Conference in San Sebastian de los Reyes

On the 4th of June 2014  met in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Spain.. We visited the spanish school and met the spanish teachers and pupils.We had a wonderful time!!

September 2014
This is the link to the questionnaire that our students answered on line.

Paper makers. 

 Our students recycled waste paper and made their own paper.The procedure was funny but intersesting for all of them!!!

Visit in Thessaloniki, GREECE

On the 22nd October 2014 delegations from Cyprus, Poland and Spain
visited our city and our school.

Model House
We had a competition about making an evironmentally friendly house.These are the best houses our student have created

Ecological toys
.Students used recycled material to make ecological toys. There was an exhibition and students from different classed exchanged visits.

Our students  made recycled paper from waste paper and used to make Christmas cars. We also prepared some ornaments from waste material.

                           This is what our 5th graders have prepared about renewable energy sources!

Happy New Year

This is the online questionnaire that our students have answered about their free time.

March 2015
Visit to the artificial lake  in Kilkis.

Greek Traditional games 

1.Apples  played by our students

2. Tzami or little jeremiads

Tzami or little jeremiads from Vasiliki Iliadou

                                                    April 2015

 Our 5th grade playing a Cypriot game . Which one is it?

  And another one...

We also played Polish games   and noticed that some of them  were very similar to our  games.
''The witch is watching you'' played by our third graders.

                                             Father Wirgiliusz played by the 3rd grade


                                                      European Day Festival 7th May

On the 7th of May our school celebrated the European Day. Students  found out interested facts about the European Union  and etwinning and watched our partner' traditional dances. Then in the school yard we played Cypriot , Spanish and Polish traditional games.


                                            This is the link for the final quetionnaire that our students answered in June.

                                                                   Talk by a dietician 
A dietician was invited to school to talk to parents and children about  the importance of a proper diet  in children's and teenagers'  life.

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